Orchid phalaenopsis


Choose a beautiful white orchid phalaenopsis in a ceramic pot to make an elegant gift. Orchid is a special, mostly indoor plant, in its white color it’s a symbol of luxury and purity. The perfect gift for any occasion, a birthday, a newborn baby and a romantic anniversary.

It can be paired with a teddy bear, a chocolate and a card with your own message.

The product is delivered, wrapped in tulle and ribbons, for a more beautiful effect.

We inform you that we import our plants from the Netherlands on our own. In that way we are sure that we offer you plants of high quality that will decorate your place for long time.

We provide Same Day delivery of the product, with every order within the region of Attica.

This product can be delivered ONLY WITHIN ATTICA with shipping cost 5€. Click here to make sure, that the shipping address is WITHIN the map limits and in the payment basket, select SHIPPING: "In Attica: 5,00 €".
In any case you can call 210 5024819 to let you know precisely.