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Shipments IN ATTICA.

Our store sends within the Attica basin the products that appear in the e-shop with its own means of transport, and guarantees you high quality and your excellent service. Shipping costs are € 5 and service areas are shown here.

If the shipping address includes OUTSIDE the limits of the above map, during the ordering process, in the “Region” option, select “INTO ATTICA” and in the payment basket, select TRANSPORTATION: “Within Attica”.

Please note that shipping of products AGAINST the Municipality of St. Petersburg is free. To take advantage of the free shipping within the Municipality of St. Petersburg, type the word “PETROUPOLI” in the “coupon” position.


Shipments of products throughout the rest of Attica and the rest of Greece are made through the Cosmoflora network at a cost of € 15, where there is a partner and with few exceptions due to non-cooperating florists.

Make sure the shipping address is OUT of the map limits, and also that in the ordering process you include in the cities of the “Region” option. Then in the payment basket, select TRANSPORTATION: “Except Attica: 15,00 €”.
If the shipping address is NOT included in the cities of the “Region” option, call us at 210 5024819 to let you know about any possible charges and how to pay-ship.

Please note that for your best service, please place your orders six (6) hours before the desired delivery time and to be preceded by a phone call for confirmation and secure shipment. For orders issued earlier than six (6) hours, please call us immediately in order to confirm the possibility of delivery at the desired time.

In order for your order to be sent on the same day IN GREECE, it must have been registered in our system by 18:00 pm. The orders that will be registered after 18:00 pm, will be sent the next day in consultation with the recipient.

You point out that on festive days, for the timely delivery of your orders, your order must be made from the previous day.


To ship products OUTSIDE GREECE, the order must be made from the previous day and be sure to contact us by phone to find out the price of the products, because our prices do not include the supplies of foreign suppliers and vary depending on the country of shipment. .

Please note that Sundays or official national holidays are not served abroad.

In the absence of the recipient, our florist will attempt the delivery and leave a phone card to try to contact the beneficiary later by phone. If we are unable to deliver the flowers and they are unable to reach the recipient within 24 hours of the first delivery attempt, our florist will notify you of the delivery result either by phone or e-mail. Our florist has the right to abandon the flowers in a reliable third way (eg neighbor, relative, doorman, colleague, etc.) that are considered suitable for the transfer of flowers to the recipient. The same applies to additional items (accompanying the card, balloon, etc.).

Product shortages

Flowers are seasonal products, and some varieties are therefore not always available, then replaced by another of similar value, the same goes for the bases of the compositions, wraps, wines, drinks, plush, balloons and generally in all our products. in a composition can have a slightly different look than the one mentioned in the online store. However, each composition is a work of art, made especially for you in our store, and you can be sure that every effort will be made to match its color and shape shown in the picture.

In any case, the required minimum order is € 15, in order for the system to allow you to complete your order.

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