Dark chocolate covered almonds


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Box of chocolate dragees (250gr) with almonds. Almonds covered in dark chocolate.  The combination of dark chocolate and almonds gives the dragees a pure and crunchy taste. Little chocolate bites that can be enjoyed at any time.

Top quality chocolates from the Oscar company, the ideal gift for every occasion.

It can be paired with a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a diaper cake.

Show your interest to the people you love with a sweet gift.

We inform you that we provide Same Day delivery of the product, with every order within the region of Attica.

The product is kept in our flower shop in a cool and dry place.


This product can be delivered ONLY WITHIN ATTICA with shipping cost 5€. Click here to make sure, that the shipping address is WITHIN the map limits and in the payment basket, select SHIPPING: "In Attica: 5,00 €".
In any case you can call 210 5024819 to let you know precisely.

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