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how to use ai for sales

AI-driven lead scoring and predictive analytics help identify leads with higher conversion potential, so you prioritize them in your sales funnel. Looking to improve your data management and integrate automation and AI into your sales process? Our CRM makes it easy to keep your data organized and accurate and gather insights from your data with insightful reporting. With Nutshell, you can also easily automate elements of your sales process, collaborate with your team, use AI to gather insights into your customer relationships, and more.

  • After lead generation, it is necessary to determine the priority of leads.
  • Another example of an AI-powered conversation intelligence tool is Chorus.
  • The process of cold outreach is arduous, and it requires patience and extreme attention to detail.
  • If the AI detects any negative sentiment, it can send real-time alerts, allowing swift responses that prevent potential damage to your brand reputation.
  • Additionally, sales reps can use AI lead scoring tools like HubSpot’s Predictive Lead Scoring to identify the highest quality leads in their pipelines.

When you can quickly create sales forecasts, you can adapt to sudden storms. Leverage the percentage of sales method to get a clear vision of your financial future so you can map strategies that work. With the percentage of sales method, you can quickly forecast financial changes to your business — including both assets and expenses — based on previous sales history. This allows you to adjust budgets, strategies, and resourcing to ensure you hit desired targets. One excellent feature is its prospect intelligence tool which pulls in data about your prospect from web pages, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

How to Train (and Onboard) Your Sales Team With AI

Such trailblazers are already realizing the potential of gen AI to elevate their operations. Our research found that 90 percent of commercial leaders expect to utilize gen AI solutions “often” over the next two years. Various players are already deploying gen AI use cases, but this is undoubtedly only scratching the surface.

  • There are many more use cases, but those are some of our customers’ favorites.
  • By doing so, companies can reduce their customer acquisition costs and improve their CAC payback period.
  • For instance, AI-powered CRM systems leverage predictive analytics to forecast sales trends, ensuring sales teams stay ahead.
  • Generative AI tools can connect to and transcribe sales calls, then generate notes and action steps for you.
  • You have to pitch products, handle objections, build rapport, and ask the right questions, all within a single conversation.

As you might expect from the name, “AI for sales” is the umbrella term used to describe various artificial intelligence solutions focused on improving the sales process. Traditionally, they include predictive, adaptive, and how to use ai for sales conversational AI-enabled tools, like automated sales assistants, chatbots, predictive analytics, and more. AI in sales uses artificial intelligence to automate sales tasks, simplifying and optimizing sales processes.


With the right approach to using AI tools, sales teams stay ahead of the competition, achieve their goals more quickly, and spend more time on the most impactful tasks. AI tools, especially generative AI, may sometimes provide answers, predictions, or insights that are inaccurate, inconsistent, or just don’t fit with the sales strategy you want to pursue. You can also increase accuracy by training AI tools on your company’s data and learning about best practices and tips for using the tools. AIMultiple informs hundreds of thousands of businesses (as per similarWeb) including 60% of Fortune 500 every month.

how to use ai for sales